Friday, January 30, 2009

Post Office Cross-Cultural

It is kind of weird, when you think about it.

Today in the post office, I was approached by an Asian couple (I think Korean) in their or 40's or so. The woman asked a question - how were they to seal their envelope?

"Oh, you have to lick it," I said. I think they heard me, but thought they must have gotten the words wrong. "With your tongue," I elaborated, pantomiming the motion.

They were quite amused.

How many aspects of our culture do we learn by the age of six, never to think of again unless reminded that they are but aspects of our culture?


l e i g h c i a said...

I was reminded of this again this morning... Matt was noting how strange it was that I poured milk into my cereal bowl first... and then added the granola afterwards.

jaeyde said...

I love those moments. Even down to people who are just from different families - one of my recent ones is I simply cannot understand why Nate puts syrup on a dutch baby. I've always eaten them with lemon and sugar...

Nicholas said...

Hey, I don't even know what a dutch baby is. It sounds like you're doing something horrible to a European infant.

The worst syrup infraction I know of is a Vermont family which puts maple syrup on their pizza.