Saturday, January 12, 2008

Priestly Wit

Anecdote related by my mom, after mass tonight:
My new stepdad, Mark: Do you know of such-and-such priest? He was...(launches into description of who the man is and what he stands for).

Priest: Are you asking me a question or lecturing me? (to my mom) Boy, I see what you must have to deal with at home.

-laughs all the way around-

Priest: Say, have you heard of Bob Adams?

Mark: Oh, he was the priest over at such-and-such place. He died a few years ago, and...

Priest: Are you kidding? I'm going to see him tomorrow! I'll tell him you said he was dead!

Allow for both my mom's dramatic license in telling this to me and mine in retelling it.

Poor Mark.

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