Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Budding Hope

Spring is great.

They're doing it again.

There's a way the light hits the trees in April that you don't see the rest of the year. I can't describe it except to say that the trees seem to resonate. Newly budded leaves rejoice in their first sunlight.

The beginning of spring smacks you in the face if you're trying to be miserable. You realize you're a fool. The entire natural world is singing with delight at new life, and there you are, pretending like life isn't good.

I love whizzing through the streets on my bicycle and catching whiffs of flowers.

And if life isn't good, and you're not pretending? Then spring brings something even more beautiful:

"Come, you hopeless! Find hope, for just as this creation was barren and now bursts forth, so too can your life. Come, see the nature of my abundance!"


anne-cara said...

Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise!

The exclamation point's not there in the original...but I feel a statement like that merits it. :)

Zachary said...

I mean, I don't think first-century Greek had punctuation, so it very well could have been meant to be there.

Someone, somewhere once said that if an alien visited our planet, they would marvel at the beauty of nature all through summer and autumn. But then when winter hit, they would freak out and wonder what was going wrong with the planet, why absolutely everything was going cold and dying.
But then Spring would come, and that would be a big surprise.

A wise friend of mine once said that God didn't make the world and then think "hm, what can use as a metaphor to explain myself to humanity?" But rather, the world he created is God's explanation of who he is.

Steve said...

Amen to the wonders of smelling fresh flowers from the seat of a bike. It makes enduring seasonal allergies worth it in the end...

RXH said...

I'm making a photo mosaic of the Fisher tree in the Quad, for every season. AHHHH the sun and spring (well so far weather has been more like summer) is making me go EEEE! Love it and will miss it so!