Monday, April 28, 2008

Econ 002 is still easier.

I just completed my student loan exit counseling session, a required pre-graduation rite of passage for those of us with debt awaiting us.

After learning about the horrors of default and forcibly completing a monthly budget, I was grilled on the gritty details. The quiz involved difficult questions such as:

(6) Federal student loan money should be used for:
A down payment on a stereo system
A trip to California
A new wardrobe
Educational related expenses

Side note: What does this question say if you already go to school in California? Probably "A trip to Pennsylvania."

Upon completion, I was greeted by the pleasant message:

Nice job, you got them all right!

In these uncertain times, it's good to receive some affirmation.


Jonathan said...

But if your schooling separates you from people you love, surely an occasional trip to Cali is an 'education-related expense'?

p.s. I laughed only 2*pi/3 times.

anne-cara said...

Clearly I use my loan money for a new wardrobe, duh. How else do I keep so fashionable?

Jonathan said...

Actually, I think I flunked mine the first time through. What does that tell you?